The Abs Diet

A doctor recommended I read The Abs Diet.’s not the kind of diet we’re used to, where you give up all fat, or eat only meat. To oversimplify, the book recommends a dozen power foods. You eat a bunch of those, spread throughout the day. You get lots of healthy food and you don’t have the appetite (or the time) to eat a bunch of junk food.

The book also recommends workouts: alternating days of weights and cardio. But unlike most workout plans, this book does not suggest you pump iron for two hours, then run 27 laps around the airport. You can complete this workout in half an hour or less.

I’d like to tell you that in the eight weeks since I started the abs diet, I’ve followed it to the letter and I’ve dropped 45 pounds. I haven’t. But I have put on some muscle, which is slowly burning off the fat.

And I’ve found an eating and exercise plan that I can live with for the long term.